Quick Reads – Starting Your Year & Keeping Calm

We started off our year last week and had a lovely time seeing old and new faces! The weather co-operated, allowing us to enjoy playtime outside (the kids certainly ran themselves out) and I know the moms and our one dad enjoyed the fellowship.

In an effort to increase our fellowship, for parents and kids, we are planning on meeting Tuesday afternoons at various parks and other venues. If you are interested in learning more about Classical Conversations and are available to come either Tuesday afternoon or would like to visit our campus on Thursday morning while we are in session, contact our director, Nicole @ NicoleNolanCC@gmail.com for more information.

The last days of summer have slipped by and its time to move on to fall and get the school year rolling. Sometimes it feels like you’re taking off a band-aid painfully slooooow. Here are few tips for a smooth transition!

Have you ever googled “homeschooling” or “homeschool curriculums” and felt overwhelmed? Rochelle knows that feeling and offers this advice


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Five Quick Reads (Volume 6)

Have you done readers’ theatre with your kids? Homeschooling or not, I highly recommend it. The plays are quick easy reads and inspire creativity, encourage public speaking and are a great way to stem the “I’m bored”s from taking over.

Math is a big part of our day. Mostly because it is a big part of life in general! And I like math. There is one answer – it’s straight forward and can be so much fun. Here are a few ideas to make learning about addition/subtraction, number values, and money fun!

Geography is, I think, an under appreciated subject. History, current events, social trends are incredibly more interesting and take on new depth when you know the “where” part of the equation. Here is a great printable puzzle of the USA to help study up national geography.

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Five Quick Reads (Volume 5)

Finally! Something for legos to do other than sneak up under my bare feet!

Music is a huge part of the day in our home, our kids all play piano, we listen to music, we sing. It’s nice (and noisy). If you are looking for ways to incorporate music – check out this site!

The history of homeschooling – this is a great read on the roots of this path we are treading.

Making plans to hit the road this summer? Or making travel plans for the coming year? Here are some tips on how to homeschool on the road.

Are you new to homeschooling or considering it? Here are some a few things to do before you get started


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Why We Homeschool

Twenty years ago I married my college sweetheart. While we were nurturing our careers and education we also found ourselves preparing to nurture our first child. The plan was to for me to work as a school counselor; a job that would allow me to be home with my future child after school and during summer breaks. However, the birth of our first child brought changes that I never expected. Not only was I completely in love with this beautiful gift from God, I was shocked by my instant, all-consuming connection to him.

Ultimately after praying through our options, we decided I should stay home for at least one year. Four years and two children later, I was still home and in the meantime I began to teach our sons. As kindergarten came into view, public school did not seem like a good fit and private school was not an option financially, so we extended my home plan. I had also become a certified as a school psychologist in order to evaluate homeschooled students and we officially part of the home education movement. Little did we know that twelve years later we would still be on this path!

In that time we have learned so much and have expanded to six sons. Though our journey started as a reaction to our situation has evolved into a conviction that we are carrying out God’s plan for our family. We pray through curriculum, co-op, and activity decisions and carefully guard the time homeschooling has provided us to pour into their character and spiritual lives.

As with any choice homeschooling can be challenging. There are many long days with no real breaks from our children. At times there does not seem to be enough time in a day to do this job well. God has been gracious, allowing us to see where adjustments to time, attitude and focus need to be made and also adding the increase to what we sow. We are encouraged by God and his word which says- He who has begun a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. Philippians 1:6. Thank God for His faithfulness and for the plans He has for us. We trust him to continue to lead us as we travel on this amazing journey.

Dione is a mom to 6 boys, toddlers through young adult. Her calm and gracious presence is a joy and encouragement to all moms who know her and her family.

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Getting ready for ’13-’14 CC!

A message from our director, Nicole:

Mark your Calendars!
We will be meeting on Tuesday August 27th at 11am at Ashbridge Memorial Park located at 1301 Montgomery Ave Bryn Mawr, PA 19010.
I will go over all information needed for this upcoming school year, introduce Tutors, as well as answer any questions you may have.
This will also give us a chance to reconnect with old CC friends and meet some new ones. Please plan to pack your lunch and stay to play!

Foundations and Essentials Classes will meet on Thursdays.
First 6 weeks: August 29th September 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th & October 3rd.
Fall Break October 10th no F/E Classes

Second 6 weeks: October 17th, 24th, 31st, November 7th, 14th & 21st.
Christmas Break No F/E Classes in December We will have a fellowship TBA.

Third 6 weeks: January 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th & February 6th
Winter Break: No F/E Classes February 13th & 20th

Fourth 6 weeks: February 27th, March 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, April 3rd Last Day of F/E Classes.

Memory Master Testing April 17th
Closing Program April 24th, possibly evening dinner/fellowship like last year.

Wow! I am really looking forward to learning alongside each of you this year.
Please be praying for our community.

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Considering Classical Conversations?

Please join us at Ashbridge Memorial Park on Monday June 3rd, 9:45 to 11 am for playtime with your CC friends.

We will have an informal Information Meeting about CC and our Bryn Mawr Campus for Next Year. There will be coffee, an excellent playground and a great opportunity to chat.
Please invite all interested families.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Ashbridge Memorial Park
1301 Montgomery Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
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Closing Program is this Friday

We’ve finished an amazing year together! Our children have made new friends, memorized nearly 300 facts, done science experiments, made works of art, studied classical music and had so much fun. Join us as we share a community meal, watch our children perform and enjoy one another’s company before breaking for the summer.

When: Friday, May 3, 5 pm
Where: Proclamation presbyterian Church, Bryn Mawr, Pa
Please sign up via this link!

Ps. We have a 3 day event for parents with kids activities coming up in June. This is a great time to come learn more about CC and our community.

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Five Quick Reads (Volume 4)

Here is a great visual for art history – a simple breakdown of a complex subject!

Homeschooling multiple kids can present some interesting challenges. Here are a few tips how to teach at different levels successfully.

Homeschooling with littles can add a lot of laughs and sighs to your day. Here are some tips on homeschooling

with toddlers and newborns.

And this last one is hands on (I mean, this is a homeschooling site, we have to have hands on, right?) and fun for all. Make your own bouncy balls!!

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Five Quick Reads vol. 3

As we head into our last week of meeting for Classical Conversations (24 weeks of incredible learning have gone by!) here are a few reads for reflection and fun as you close out this school year and start to plan for next.

Here is a golden oldie from Practical Homeschooling on building a firm foundation for a classical education.

How do you schedule your homeschooling day? I love hearing other people’s ideas. Here is how one family tries to get things done.
An Old Fashioned Education Curriculum for K-12. Uses ALL free public domain text

s. Great classic book lists and links to many public domain book sites.

If you are in need of encouragement – or ideas – here are “10 Strategies for Victorious Homeschooling.”

I’d like to leave you with this hands on project – perfect for this lovely spring weather.

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Save your Spot for Next Year!

For NEW families: Here is the link for the registration form.
For RETURNING families: Here is your link.

You can print it, fill it out and mail it directly to the Director of the Main Line campus in Bryn Mawr, PA.
Nicole Nolan
27 Louella Court
Wayne PA 19087

Registration Fee is due with the registration form.
Tuition and other fees are due no later than July 20th.
Please make all checks payable to Nicole Nolan.

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