Five Quick Reads (Vol. 1)


1. Raising modest young women is a challenge. I remember the culture shock brought on by cropped tees and short shorts for my 4 year old – let alone the challenges when she moved into the 7-14 years old part of the store. Here is one mom’s take and tips on raising a modest daughter – sounds like its working, too!

2. My kids learn differently. It would just be too easy if they all were auditory learners to whom I could read instructions on how to construct a simple machine. Then I could hoover the family room in my Donna Reed like dress as my spotless toddlers played quietly, in one spot, with a stuffed bunny. For the non- Donna Reeds – here are some tips on teaching different style learners at the same time.

3. Technology can be your friend. For reals. Here are a few apps that can actually HELP your child learn.

4. Where is spring? March 20th has past. Spring should have sprung, I tell ya! Here is a simple art project – easy enough for the littles, but with enough scope for your budding Picassos.

5. Sometimes I need a reminder about why this whole classical education gig is so important; a reminder as to why we review our history and Latin grammar nine million times. Here’s a great reminder…

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