Five Quick Reads vol 2.

mlcc v2


The wet damp weather makes this worm calling experiment a sure fire hit – its simple, fun and involves dirt/mud. I can’t imagine a child who won’t get a kick out of being a worm Pied Piper!

Homeschooling used to be the hallmark of social conservatives and hippies – it was a fringe movement of folks who swam against the current. These days, homeschooling is crossing lines; social, economic, cultural. Did you know the percentage of practicing doctors and lawyers who homeschool is growing? Here is the “confession” of a practicing doctor….who homeschools.

As we wrap up this school year, and I start planning next year, I’ve been making a reading list for my kids for the summer. While I don’t see us becoming year round (formal) schoolers, I do want to reinforce certain areas that have been neglected (languages: Latin, French, Spanish) and reinforce subjects you can never really cover enough (grammar). As a family of readers, I also am always on the lookout for engaging and edifying books for the kids to enjoy. This list of classic lit. and accompanying activities is right up our alley.

Spring has (finally) sprung! With the abundant variety of flora and fauna we have in the Northeast, there are tons of options for hands on learning for our kids as close as the local park – or your backyard! This series on tree nature studies is a wonderful guide to engage with the great outdoors.

I wish I knew who posted this last link. I found it on Pinterest (I want to tell you to join, if you haven’t already. But you will be sucked in to the idea overload. Do it! Do it! But do so forewarned 😉 Back to this art project, this is so simple to set up and one of those rare art projects that my 3 year old right up through my 10 year old would enjoy. Try it, send me pictures of your results. We may do a small gallery at home of their animals. Just be sure to pick animals with distinct silhouette, and be ready to slice up a ton of strips of magazines or the shiny ad pages from the newspaper. And stock up on glue sicks or pour some glue into a bowl and use brushes.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and enjoy Easter-tide!

Please remember we have an upcoming Open House at our Bryn Mawr Campus this Tuesday from 9 am to 11: 45 pm. Learn about Classical Conversations and choosing a classical education for your children. Hope to see you there!






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