Why We Homeschool

Twenty years ago I married my college sweetheart. While we were nurturing our careers and education we also found ourselves preparing to nurture our first child. The plan was to for me to work as a school counselor; a job that would allow me to be home with my future child after school and during summer breaks. However, the birth of our first child brought changes that I never expected. Not only was I completely in love with this beautiful gift from God, I was shocked by my instant, all-consuming connection to him.

Ultimately after praying through our options, we decided I should stay home for at least one year. Four years and two children later, I was still home and in the meantime I began to teach our sons. As kindergarten came into view, public school did not seem like a good fit and private school was not an option financially, so we extended my home plan. I had also become a certified as a school psychologist in order to evaluate homeschooled students and we officially part of the home education movement. Little did we know that twelve years later we would still be on this path!

In that time we have learned so much and have expanded to six sons. Though our journey started as a reaction to our situation has evolved into a conviction that we are carrying out God’s plan for our family. We pray through curriculum, co-op, and activity decisions and carefully guard the time homeschooling has provided us to pour into their character and spiritual lives.

As with any choice homeschooling can be challenging. There are many long days with no real breaks from our children. At times there does not seem to be enough time in a day to do this job well. God has been gracious, allowing us to see where adjustments to time, attitude and focus need to be made and also adding the increase to what we sow. We are encouraged by God and his word which says- He who has begun a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. Philippians 1:6. Thank God for His faithfulness and for the plans He has for us. We trust him to continue to lead us as we travel on this amazing journey.

Dione is a mom to 6 boys, toddlers through young adult. Her calm and gracious presence is a joy and encouragement to all moms who know her and her family.

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